Who is the French winner of the European hackathon “Sustainable Tourism and Satellite Data”? – TOM.travel

Who is the French winner of the European hackathon “Sustainable Tourism and Satellite Data”?  – TOM.travel

@Open Tourism Laboratory The French edition of the Cassini European hackathon took place from the 12th to the 14th of May, organized by the Open Tourisme Lab and Murmuration. Over two days, four teams developed responsible solutions for traveling in Europe using spatial data. What projects were presented? Who won the hackathon? Returning to the … Read more

How connected objects influence the tourism industry

iot tourisme

Year after year, theInternet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally transforming the tourism industry, profoundly altering the functioning of various internal processes. On the one hand, IoT tourism makes it possible to improve the management of operating income and expenses. On the other hand, it allows for greater automation and enrichment of the customer experience. Increasingly … Read more

Waiters and cooks: a critical absence in the restaurants of Montluçon (Allier)

Serveurs et cuisiniers : une absence critique dans les restaurants de Montluçon (Allier)

The situation is more than tense for the restaurateurs of Montluçonnais. After two years heavily marked by the health crisis, restaurants see the summer season approaching with apprehension. The main reason: a growing shortage of manpower. The solutions are expensive, even inaccessible, to the point that some start to give up, dreaming of “another life”. … Read more

Restaurant Review | jjacques: Quebec’s hidden gem

Restaurant Review |  jjacques: Quebec's hidden gem

Through the good and sometimes the not so good, our restaurant critics tell you about their experience, introduce the team in the dining room and kitchen, while explaining what motivated their choice of restaurant. This week: the mysterious jjacques cocktail and oyster bar in Quebec City. Posted at 11 am. Iris Gagnon Paradise The press … Read more

Bricks remain a safe haven for Belgians: what are their motivations for investing in real estate? – Immo

Bricks remain a safe haven for Belgians: what are their motivations for investing in real estate?  - Immo

Belgians still have a brick in their stomach despite the challenging economic context, according to the latest CBC real estate observatory. What are his motives and what are the possible obstacles to the implementation of his investment projects? Despite everything, the Belgian keeps a brick in his stomach. For almost 8 out of 10 Belgians, … Read more

Launch of Arredores, a new digital tourism platform!

Launch of Arredores, a new digital tourism platform!

At the request of the Government, as part of the tourism recovery plan, Banque des Territoires launches the French digital platform for the distribution and booking of leisure activities, in association with Amadeus and Dawex. Surroundings’ objective is to digitize the widest possible catalog of leisure activities in all French territories. These activities will be … Read more

Tourism: a trompe l’oeil recovery?

Tourism: a trompe l'oeil recovery?

Sector indicators point to a recovery in the situation. It is estimated that the recovery rate is 40% lower compared to 2019. Effective recovery is conditioned to lifting the requirement to present a negative PCR test upon entry into the country. All the ingredients, or almost, are present for an effective recovery of the tourism … Read more

Cycling, a new ally of ecological tourism?

Tourisme écologique, le vélo comme solution pour préserver les destinations touristiques ?

At a time when we are increasingly aware of environmental issues, rethinking our holidays is at the heart of many issues. In fact, some solutions are emerging to preserve tourist destinations. But what about the bike? Each year, more of us use bike lanes, especially for our business trips. The use of bicycles, an economical … Read more

Himeji, the other gem of Kansai

Himeji, the other gem of Kansai

Whatever the reason for a trip to Japan, Himeji is rarely excluded from a program and for good reason! This small town is home to one of the most beautiful monuments in Japan: Himeji Castle. It is therefore very popular among travel agencies across the world. For the visitor who isn’t afraid to think outside … Read more