What is the Tourism InnovationLab Chair?

Sophie Lacour a été nommée chairwoman de la chaire Tourisme InnovationLab, cette structure est la 1ère en Europe - DR

TourMaG mobile app Meeting with Sophie Lacour and Laure Printemps, who lead this project This is the first time in France, Europe and maybe even the world. At ESTHUA’s facilities, the 1st chair of tourism and innovation was created. For those unaccustomed to the academic lexicon, a chair aims to bridge the gap between … Read more

A restaurant owner in Agen deprived of an open-air concert makes a radical decision: “I’m going to sell my restaurant”

A restaurant owner in Agen deprived of an open-air concert makes a radical decision: "I'm going to sell my restaurant"

the essential The city council of Agen last week refused to allow an open-air jazz concert to take place under the Cornieres until 11pm. Reactions are coming. The announcement of the cancellation of a concert on the terrace of a restaurant in Les Cornieres in Agen continues to make people react. On social media, discussions … Read more

How to eat more and lose weight easily

Presse Santé

If you choose energy-dense, low-calorie foods for your mass, you can eat more volume but consume fewer calories. Do you feel full with fewer calories? It may seem like more of a weight loss trick. But this is not the case. This concept is called energy density, and it is an important tool for weight … Read more

Romain Traversino: “To become the benchmark for French-speaking real estate in Spain”

romain traversino, directeur commercial de "J'achète en Espagne"

Commercial director of the real estate agency “I buy in Spain”, this enterprising polyglot of Parisian origin arrived in Barcelona between the two waves of Covid at the end of 2020 with the mission of opening the company’s Catalan branch to its full potential. English, it goes without saying, Italian (he lived for several years … Read more

barbecue | skewers party

barbecue |  skewers party

While most Quebecers grab their propane barbecue, charcoal Weber, or kamado (egg-shaped) to kick off the grilling season, Julian Doan lights up his Japanese konro. The rectangular grill returned to service last week on a terrace in Old Montreal for a great Party of skewers. Posted on May 21 Eva Dumas The press Japanese grill … Read more

Food prices continue to rise in Réunion

Le prix des aliments continue d

The increase in consumer prices for the month of April 2022 in Réunion is 0.7%. It affects all consumer sectors, but is less strong than in March, as indicated by INSEE in the following press release: By NP – Posted on Monday, May 23, 2022 at 10:59 am In April 2022, consumer prices increased by … Read more

How to Prepare for Retirement During Inflation

How to Prepare for Retirement During Inflation

2022 is a double upheaval in terms of retirement for the French. Firstly, because this should be the reason for the new reform announced by Emmanuel Macron during the presidential campaign. Then, because the geopolitical and economic context has suddenly changed. “The acceleration of European inflation came as a real surprise. In general, in April … Read more