5 brands that prove organic makeup can be effective

Here are five makeup brands that will make you want to go organic. Yes Yes ! Despite increasing sensuality and efficiency, organic makeup he often gets bad press from the uninitiated. However, the formulas of lipsticks or brand foundations can no longer envy those more conventional cousins ​​from perfumeries or large and medium-sized stores. For … Read more

Why the market is slowing down

Audrey Assante di Cupillo, director of the Gallien cabinet, head of two real estate agencies in Bordeaux and Mérignac and president of AMEPI Agglomération Bordelaise, sums up the downturn in the real estate market in Bordeaux. It’s time to take a wait-and-see approach to the Bordeaux real estate market. If six months ago the Bordeaux … Read more

Zé Ramalho: “All songs in Brazil are repetitive” – ​​09/10/2022 – News

Julio Maria State agency São Paulo – We are experiencing a crisis of delirium. A kind of fantasy cancellation, the rationalization of Brazilian music had to start there in the late 1970s to meet the demands of the first industrial pop culture circles. Suddenly everything had to sound well explained to please the first passive … Read more

Dominga Cotarella: “We must turn beauty into work”

Orvieto – Presents the event dedicated to art, taste and trades related to food and wine – From September 24th to October 2nd – PHOTO by Daniel Camilli Orvieto – “We must turn beauty into work”. Dominga, Cotarella familyonce a company Falesco. Origins in Tuscia, the company was founded in Montefiascone in the late ’70s … Read more

Queen Elizabeth’s Last Voyage: The Coffin to Edinburgh

the last trip of Isabel which will end with the funeral on Monday the 19th. The coffin leaves the castle of balmoralin Scotland, where the Queen died on 8 September and after a journey of nearly 300 kilometers will reach Edinburgh. There are thousands of people along the way. 15:30 William: “Honored to be the … Read more