What’s the difference which one is better?

You may think that hydration is something only people with dry or dehydrated skin need to worry about. But moisturizing your skin is like moisturizing your body: Your body needs to be moisturized to look and feel your best. Regardless of your skin type, so does your skin. But what exactly is hydration? And with … Read more

6 unmissable restaurants in Brasilia

Marie kitchen The Brazilian capital is increasingly developing into a center for excellent cuisine, shows and events. I decided 6 of my favorite restaurants in Brasilia to show you the variety and quality of what we have here. Restaurant suggestions in Brasilia Marie kitchen Delicious Parisian atmosphere at Marie Cuisine French-Italian Restaurant at Asa Sul, … Read more

Prehistoric art in the replica of the Chauvet Cave

You should see them at least once in your life, like the Kaaba in Mecca or St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. In the south of France there is a sanctuary for mankind, a large cave where man not only paid homage to his first deities, but performed the first artistic manifestations seven thousand years ago … Read more

List of the best budget and mid-range hotels in Sri Lanka

Here is a list of the BEST PRICE for mid-range HOTEL in SRI LANKA. Here you will find reviews, locations, prices and pictures for each hotel. You will find the The best hotels in Colombo; the The best hotels in Negombo; the The best hotels in Bentota; and the The best hotels in Kandy. Renuka … Read more