Why are QR codes hated for menus but loved for payment? – 09/16/2022 – Tech

QR codes have taken over the city. It’s hard to walk a block without bumping into the little squares. Shops, bars, towers and even turnstiles have embraced the technology. They are practical and friendly. Pointing your phone’s camera to perform an action might seem like a gift from the future, but quick response codes aren’t … Read more

When luxury real estate in Île-de-France takes off

Reality documentary poster Agency The Ile-de-France luxury real estate market surprises itself thanks to the series Agencyproposed by the Cretz family, who founded their prestigious agency in Boulogne-Billancourt (92). Thanks to them, an unexpected world opened up before mere mortals. Just browse Le Figaro or look at the last pages obs see this luxurious property … Read more

Brazil may have one more company with direct flights to Germany

The Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of International Tourism (Embratur) is in talks with the administration of São Paulo International Airport on the return of operations between Germany and Brazil carried out by Condor. The German company operated in the Brazilian market until 2019, but flights were suspended and have not been restarted since then. … Read more

Sylvano Bussotti, collector of utopias and art: “Your scores? They looked like paintings.” From John Cage to Cathy Berberian: the memory of Quaglia, his lifelong companion

A year ago, on September 19, the composer died Sylvano Busetti (1931-2021), a few days before his ninetieth birthday. He was a versatile artist: Musician, but also painter, Sylvano Bussotti (right) with the conductor Antonino Polizzi costume designer, actor, writer, choreographer, Director. Considered the shining heir of monodic composition (Single Voice Songs) Sylvano Bussotti explored … Read more