Stromae, Orelsan, Jared Leto, Jason Momoa … They set the tone for men’s hairstyles

The games of length, material effects, bold colors, hairdressing novelties … Men colluding with trends free themselves from the standards. The wind of fantasy blows on the red carpets. Jared Leto’s hairstyle adorned with a hairpin and Stromae woven crown caused a stir at the Met Gala. Actor Jason Momoa’s Oscar-winning braid, tied with a … Read more

How the suburbs juggle transport

On foot, by bike, by public transport, by car or by train. What does French mobility look like? And what can they do fifteen minutes from home? On the occasion of European Mobility Week, “Cities of the world” went out into the field to meet with users and experts. Reports and investigations can be found … Read more

Rural tourism – The Liberal

Tourism Check out a selection of 6 Brazilian destinations for a local experience Via September 18, 2022 at 9:39 am Link to the article: Knowing about different lifestyles is an important motivation for traveling. 77% * of Brazilian travelers agree with this statement, according to a recent poll by Leaving the hustle … Read more