Adrian Hardy: “Funding your adventure dreams with real estate”

Adrian Hardy, after working for several years in real estate investment companies, decided to personally invest in real estate in order to realize his dreams. He published the book Financing Your Adventure Dreams with Real Estate, in which he shares his tips and best plans for reconciling quality of life and buying property. During this interview in Little newspaper he tells us about his journey, which resulted in him settling in Lisbon a year ago.

After studying urban engineering and earning a master’s degree in asset management, Adrian Hardy worked for over 6 years in France and abroad with real estate investment companies such as Jones Lang LaSalle, Bouygues Immobilier and La Française. It was as a result of this experience that he decided to use his knowledge to personally invest in real estate in order to realize his dreams, create financial security and the resulting freedom to be able to travel the world as part of his life. Blue Green Expedition as well as embark on an entrepreneurial adventure. In short, “don’t expect a hypothetical retirement at age 65 or older,” he says.

At the end of his world tour, he decided to settle in Lisbon because of the pleasant living environment and little change of scenery for a European city: pleasant climate, kindness of the Portuguese, safety with nature and beaches with surroundings.

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Little newspaper : After two years of “discovery”, you decided to share in your book “Funding Your Dreams of Adventure with Real Estate” the philosophy of life you adopted, which combines a materialistic attitude, real estate investment and environmental responsibility. relation. How do you reconcile these two relationships?

Adrian Hardy: Exactly what I’m explaining is to avoid buying useless, ephemeral equipment and consumer products that don’t last. Investing in real estate, which is a tangible asset, is contrary to this. Moreover, this is exactly what is part of an eco-responsible approach, because I am involved in the improvement of the city park and the environment. As I explain in a video on my YouTube channel, I prefer to spend money on experiences over material things and I prefer quality over quantity. I tend to take a rather humble approach and live beyond my means.

Your book is intended to be somewhat of an insider’s guide to real estate investing. To what extent do you think everyone can afford to invest in real estate?

First of all, I think you should learn how to properly manage your money and budget, unfortunately we do not learn this at school. Then, depending on our financial situation, our capital and our salary, everyone has more or less means to obtain a bank loan, depending on their scale. There are always opportunities, you don’t have to look too big from the start, it’s better to start small. Instead, I encourage people to invest regularly, like monthly. Then there are solutions, such as partnering with people who are better off financially, for example, or investing in mutual funds. Therefore, in order to go against this investment approach, I created my Algae platform, where you can invest, for example, from as little as 10 euros. This is primarily a state of mind and motivation for development.

Can you tell us what your travels brought you and what made the biggest impression on you?

My travel experience has given me a lot and I have to say that I have yet to absorb all this experience and meetings made during these almost 30 countries visited in the last 3 years…

Even if I already thought that I was content with little, having lived for 1 month in the jungles of Bolivia with the natives without electricity and drinking water, I noticeably learned to live even easier. I was also able to develop my resourcefulness in Nicaragua, where I crossed the country from south to north using 7 different modes of transport and hitchhiking.

High emotional moments are also, for example, watching the eruption of the El Fuego volcano in Guatemala, swimming with whale sharks in Mexico, or traveling through northern Vietnam on a motorcycle.

What always amazes me, no matter what country I go to, is to see the innocence of children, their cheerfulness, the smile on their faces is often obvious, as in particular in the Philippines, where I took part in cleaning the beaches. . It reminds me of a quote by Abraham Sutzkever: “He who keeps his soul like a child never grows old. »

group of children in the philippines
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It was after your travels that the idea of ​​starting a startup, especially in Lisbon, came up to develop your Algae project, a real estate investment application. How it works?

Real estate is by its very nature a very local asset and I will admit that as I traveled the world I was frustrated that I had difficulty investing in stone without losing its concrete aspect. I wanted flexibility, but at the same time it was not easy to invest.
Therefore, I invested more in digital products such as the stock market and cryptocurrencies. But the latter are more volatile, which is why the idea arose to associate it with real estate in order to “protect” its heritage in concrete terms.
Moreover, after the publication of my book and speaking at conferences, several people came to me and said that they wanted to invest, but they did not have time to do it themselves or that the input was too high. These various reasons, related to the fact that it may be difficult for some profiles to get a bank loan or that real estate is illiquid, I wanted to offer an innovative solution.

What is so special about it that could be of interest to real estate investors?

It is the first mobile application based on the blockchain. The idea is to democratize real estate investment and reach out to everyone with an ultra-simple user interface.

It is also the first European platform for international investment, with a dual presence in France and Portugal from the outset. For example, the first project currently being funded is the conversion of an old abandoned garage into a 400m2 co-working space in Lisbon. What inspires me is to turn obsolete products into a priori useless by offering them new uses. We want to make a positive impact on the environment and offer a real human adventure, which I finally talk about in my book.
In addition, this place of life will also have its presence in the metaverse (shared collective and virtual space), this is a truly unique operation in Europe!

How do you see the development of this project?

We have big ambitions for this project and a well-established roadmap. Personally, my goal is not necessarily to strive to make money at any cost, but rather to create a product and solution that will truly bring something innovative to users, as well as to society and the environment.

That’s why there is an important dimension related to personal development and psychology in developing an application that fits very well with the universe of my book, namely the realization of your dreams and the perception of life as an adventure.

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