Appointments: Sebastien Baro takes over overall management of Prium City.

Prium City, a subsidiary of the Prium Group, announces the appointment of Sebastien Baro as Managing Director to develop the payroll system, especially among real estate professionals.

Patrimo Portage approaches Prium City

The management of the Prium Group, Hélène Dieppe and Vincent Ribaudeau, a specialist in the transport of wages, and Sebastien Barot decided to cooperate. In fact, the activities of the Patrimo Portage company, created at the end of 2016, actually merge with the activities of Prium City.

Common goals, full transparency of operating and management costs, common values ​​- these are the common points that have made it possible to bring Prium City and Patrimo Portage closer, but especially between the managers and teams of the two companies.

Prium City, salaries for real estate professionals

The merger of Prium City and Patrimo Portage brings together a mutual experience addressed to professionals in the real estate world, whether it is an old or new property transaction, investment in rental property, direct investment in real estate or indirect, tertiary or industrial. real estate, etc.

Thus, all employees, sales agents, investment property agents and advisors, wealth management advisors will have access to the employer’s third-party offer, better known as wages, to develop their activities in complete security and, above all, in peace of mind.

Salary, new form of employment and third-party employer

Payroll transport is a new form of employment based on a tripartite relationship that allows the self-employed worker, without setting up a business, to offer his services to his client using the services of a payroll transport company to manage all administrative, financial and legal matters. aspects of.

It plays the role of both a third-party employer for the self-employed worker and an intermediary in his commercial relationship with his client. He issues an invoice to the client and converts the resulting turnover into wages on behalf of the employee on a monthly basis.

The “supported worker” is receiving social security benefits (unemployment, retirement, social security, provident insurance, mutual insurance, etc.). Supported employees are responsible for all administrative aspects: accounting, management, legal issues, invoicing, contracts.

Tailored to the needs of the real estate sector, payroll porting gives an agency or network of agencies the ability to control their budget by hiring negotiators for specific missions. In addition, it allows the negotiator to convert their commissions into net wages, to be autonomous in carrying out their activities, while enjoying the protection of employee status.

Prium City, a human-centric digital offering

With a turnover of 35 million euros in 2021 (+85% yoy), the Prium Group has established itself as one of the biggest players in the payroll transfer services market in France. Prium City, established in 2015, is a subsidiary of the Prium group engaged in real estate payroll transport (10% of the group’s payroll activity).

Prium City supports over 100 independent negotiators daily, delivering a fully digitized and human-centric offering. The technological tools developed over the years by the Prium group allow everyone to save valuable time and thus concentrate on their core business. Prium has built its success on the quality of its support, the speed of its services, and the transparency of its management fees.

Sebastien Barot, Asset and Property Management Specialist

Sébastien Baro is President of Patrimo Portage, the only payroll company covering the world of asset management (real estate, financial investment advice, insurance brokerage and banking brokerage). He designed his company with a real desire to create a structure on a human scale. There is an unprecedented synergy and friendliness between the supported employees and management. He is also the Managing Director of Calista Patrimoine (real estate, insurance, banking and financial products distribution platform).

A payroll specialist for over 23 years, he has supported heritage and real estate investment professionals for over fifteen years. He is the negotiator for Portage Salarial on behalf of CFDT-F3C. Elected and general secretary of Anacofi Immobilier, the 4th representative real estate association in France, Anacofi Syndicat, a union representing the financial, insurance and banking professions (3400 members) and organizer of CGP conferences, he regularly collaborates as a columnist in several professional media: www., Le Courrier Financier, Gestion de Fortune, PDA TV. He is also chairman of the economic think tank Club Frédéric Bastiat, which will soon be 30 years old.

His mission? Develop a salary portfolio for real estate professionals

“We are particularly pleased that Sebastian has decided to join the Prium adventure. We share the same vision ethical and transparent pay. We are convinced that payroll shifts will become very widespread in the real estate sector in the coming years and that Sebastian is the ideal person to allow Prium City to keep up this momentum.” says Vincent Ribaudo, manager of Prium City.

“I am very pleased to welcome Sebastien Baro to our team and wish him every success as CEO of Prium City. Through this appointment, Sebastian brings valuable skills and experience to our group, allowing us to accelerate our development andstrengthen our position in a rapidly changing sector. »adds Hélène Diep, President of the Prium Group.

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