“Cancelado”, Arturito Restaurant, by Paola Carosella, has a queue at the door – Nacional

Former Masterchef partner and restaurant chef (Photo: Reproduction)

Despite online boycott threats, the Arturito restaurant, owned by chef Paola Carosella, has sold out reservations and is waiting in line. The pitch has been ‘cancelled’ by Bolsonaristas following the former Masterchef’s criticism of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and his supporters.

“It’s very difficult to identify with those who support Bolsonaro for two reasons: either because he’s an asshole or because he’s stupid,” the chef said in an interview with the DiaCast podcast. The speech sparked an online controversy and reached Bolsonaro’s supporters.

On social media, the Arturito boycott began with a campaign for Bolsonaristas not to go to the place. The second step of the cancellation was to lower the property’s rating on Google, which fell from a 4.5 to a 1.6 in a day.

Eventually, Paola’s social networks were inundated with derogatory comments about her profession, nationality and political stance.

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But the self-proclaimed “fair party” and the “end of Paola’s career”, as the waves of online cancellations were called, brought no personal results. In addition to queues, Arturito has a busy schedule and no ability to make reservations. According to the schedule available on Google, the restaurant is busier than usual, even at peak times. DAS state of mines Tried to reserve at the restaurant with no success.

Entry into the restaurant and setting up queue notifications
The restaurant has a queue and there is no way to make a reservation. (Photo: Arturito Reproduction)

Paola’s side also defended itself in the virtual war. Profiles on Twitter criticized the cancellation of the chef and the restaurant and countered the speech against the chef. The main “weapon” were the tags “PAOLA TEM RAZO” and “PAOLA LACRA y LUCRA” on Twitter.

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Arturito was founded in 2008 in Bairro Pinheiros, a prime area in São Paulo. For pasta fans, the Argentine chef’s restaurant can be a great option.

Reservations can be made on the official website of the facility or by phone. However, due to high customer demand, the feature is currently unavailable.

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