Coral lipstick: how to apply it?

If red lipstick is timeless and pink lipstick has become an indispensable element of our everyday makeup, Coral lipstick remains the perfect shade to apply whenever the warm weather sets in. Discover all our tips for getting beautiful coral lips with Joël Nivière, National Make Up Artist in Giorgio Armani.

What coral lipstick for your complexion?

Mix of three colors – red, orange and pink -, coral has the advantage of going to everyone As Joël Nivière explains: “It’s a fresh, shiny, festive color that blends in with all skin tones, as coral comes in many shades: from pinkish coral to suit pale and polar complexions, to coral orange which is even more will enhance the skin’s warmth. “

In addition, to sublime a summer tan, there is nothing better than a coral lipstick: “Since the complexion is generally more golden this season and the coral is still warm (red and orange are two warm shades), it is sure to be flatter. tanned, dull complexion … ”adds the professional.

Satin, mat, gloss … Which finish should I choose?

Regardless of whether you prefer an intense matte, shiny satin, velvety or glossy effect … Coral lipstick is available in all finishes.

  • Wearing coral red with a matte finish:

The matte formula, due to its opacity, high coverage and pigment intensity, will surely give a sophisticated effect. But be careful before you start, as the mat does not support the roughness: “When you want to wear the mat, your lips need to be especially well-defined,” warns the make-up artist.

In addition, some formulas with a matte finish tend to dry the lips, leave the balm for a few minutes before applying the lipstick until the formula softens the lips: “Do not apply lipstick immediately, because if you apply it immediately, the oily side of the balm may cause a slight migration of the formula”, advises Joël Nivière.

Then, in contrast to more transparent and therefore less pigmented formulas, with a matte lipstick, you can immediately see if the lips are symmetrical. That is why it is so important to redraw the contours in advance with a pencil of the same color as the lipstick to balance the whole thing.

Also remember thatlips lose volume from a certain age. A mat that absorbs light can create an even thinner lip effect. To correct this effect, you can draw a lip outline that protrudes slightly above the natural line.

  • Choose a coral gloss lipstick or a satin lipstick:

Much easier to wear every day than matte lipstick, lip gloss, balms or lipsticks with a satin finish are perfect for tempting corals on the lips : “If we do not dare to go too much towards the color, starting with something shiny, we have a pigment that we like to check if it suits us, but in a transparent version for gloss or balm and a bit more opaque for satin reds, but still glossy, perfect for giving the summer side a healthy glow, ”says Joël Nivière.

Also, if the matte material tends to shrink the lips, a glossy or satin texture – which is shinier – has a tendency to enlarge the lips due to the optical effect.

What makeup for skin and eyes with coral lipstick?

Are smokey eye, colored lip liner or strong contour compatible with coral lips? We always wonder how to pair her lipstick with the rest of her makeup. “Even if there are no rules when it comes to makeup, coral remains closely related to the seasonality of summer, i.e. the period in which we lighten the makeup“Notes Joël Nivière.

To make up the eyes, the bravest ones will dare to play the harmony of the chromatic circle: “If we decide on a coral lipstick with a tendency to red, we will choose the opposite color of red, green. on eyes with green shadows (forest, lemon, etc.) in flat shades, applied over a lip liner or on full eyelids – advises the make-up artist. “If the coral comes closer to the orange, we’ll choose a bluish eye shadow.”

Are you afraid of making a mistake? “The shy may … stick to tone-on-tone makeup, with coral-colored makeup like on the lipsIn the case of nude makeup, the professional recommends using “rather warm shadows, because coral is a warm shade” in shades of champagne, golden brown or copper.

From the side of the skin coral can be worn both on illuminated, illuminated skin and on a matte complexion. Make a light outline with bronzing powder and / or apply coral pink in harmony with the lips will give an effect sunny.

“My advice: let the blush slightly exceed the brow bone, it rejuvenates,” adds Joël Nivière. Also, if you don’t want to invest in coral pink, know that you can change your lipstick (even liquid) as its formula is very similar to pink and blends very easily.

Check out the pictures below celebrities who have adopted coral lipstick.

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