Cult cosmetics to try at least once in your life

What are the essential care and makeup products that need to be taken urgently? The members of the Beauty Stars Madame Figaro 2022 jury tested the most famous cosmetics and chose their favorites.

As every year since 2008, actresses, actors and celebrities who are part of the Madame Figaro Beauty Stars Prize jury voted for their favorite cosmetics. Among the winners of this fourteenth edition in cooperation with Sephora, the list includes the cult cosmetics. Which ones absolutely deserve to be included in our skin care routine?

What are the best cosmetics of all time?

The beauty industry is evolving and trends are passing, but these products have lasted for decades without wrinkles. Both in terms of skin care and makeup, these mythical cosmetics have become models in their field of activity. Like beauty secrets passed down from mother to daughter, these gorgeous intergenerational classics have settled in our bathrooms as safe establishments.

Iconic skin care products

Effective formulas, exclusive ingredients, sensory galenics … Some face and body treatments have proven themselves years ago and are still pleasing consumers to this day. It must be admitted that their formula has undergone some modifications over time to adapt to the new challenges of the industry. But they were never dethroned.

Abeille Royale Youth Oil-in-Water by Guerlain Press / Guerlain

Winner in the “Face Care” category: Youth Oil in Water Abeille Royale, Guerlain.

Why is it iconic? This is the third generation of this iconic oil that has won 19 international awards. Eight years after its inception, it is still sold around the world every 26 seconds. Based on the extraordinary power of bee products, the Abeille Royale line from Guerlain has shown its remedial effect on signs of aging. It contains thousands of active microspheres that connect with the skin during application. Its honey fragrance was composed by the master perfumer of Guerlain, Thierry Wasser himself.

Clarins Double Serum Press / Clarins

Winner in the “Cult Product” category: Clarins Double Serum.

Why is it iconic? This is the eighth generation of this star serum. In 1985, he wanted to be the best product in the world by combining the strongest active anti-aging ingredients. As not all of them were compatible with each other, the Clarins laboratories came up with the idea of ​​creating a bottle with two compartments, the mixture being made after application. A real innovation on time. 36 years later, he followed the evolution of science, especially in the field of cellular communication, and integrated the organic plant components. Its credo remains unchanged: always act on five important functions of the skin: regeneration, oxygenation, nourishment, hydration, protection.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye concentrate Press / Estée Lauder

Nomination in the “Eye contour” category: Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix.

Why is it iconic? This hot melt gel benefits from 40 years of experience from the famous Advanced Night Repair Serum. In addition, Estée Lauder has carefully studied the effect of thousands of blinks and eye micro-movements on the delicate area of ​​the eye contour. Its laboratories have developed an exclusive technology that supports the night repair process, collagen production, strengthens and increases the thickness of the periorbital zone for greater resistance and firmness.

Lancome Advanced Génifique Yeux Press / Lancôme

Nomination in the “Eye contour” category: Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux.

Why is it iconic? A pioneer in the microbiome with the iconic Advanced Génifique serum, Lancôme continues its work. The brand discovered that the eye area has its own microbiome, a very extensive microbial ecosystem that has specific needs. Thanks to the content of 7 prebiotics and a fraction of probiotics in combination with hyaluronic acid and a derivative of vitamin C, the treatment strengthens the skin barrier, protects against pollution and fights dark circles under the eyes. In case of aggression, the skin regenerates 70% faster.

iconic makeup products

Whether you prefer naturalness or love makeup, we’ve all heard about these must-have products. Worn by our moms and grandmothers, embodied by the biggest stars, these I must have they made room for themselves in a makeup kit for women.

Guerlain terracotta bronzer Press / Guerlain

Nominated in the “Make-up complexion” category: Guerlain terracotta bronzer,

Why is it iconic? We no longer need to introduce the master of tanning powders that have brightened every complexion since 1984. It has become “generic” makeup and is still sold worldwide every thirty seconds. Over time, the new formula contains 96% of natural pigments and pearls. With a few drops of argan oil to make it even more sensual. The brush has also been reworked with softer bristles.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Foundation Press / Giorgio Armani

Nominated in the “Make-up complexion” category: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Perfect Glow Foundation.

Why is it iconic? This iconic foundation is a safe bet for make-up artists behind the scenes at Fashion Week shows and during photo shoots for fashion magazines. The reason for his success? It emphasizes the natural beauty of the skin instead of hiding it. Very popular with celebrities and models, it gives the skin a fresh effect and adds glow, making it beautiful in any light (making it the perfect ally for selfies.) Its fluid and light texture blends into the epidermis and remains comfortable all day long.

L’Oréal Paris Black Balm Million Lash Volume Mascara Press / L’Oréal Paris

Winner in the “Eye Makeup” category: Mascara Volume Millions of Eyelashes Black Balm by L’Oréal Paris.

Why is it iconic? 10 years ago, L’Oréal Paris launched the famous Volume Millions de Cils mascara. Since then, this heroine of everyday makeup has become the basis of female vanity around the world and has become the star of the product. Its formula is available in a new version in 2021 with 99% ingredients of natural origin and only 1% stabilizers. A derivative of rapeseed oil and vegetable glycerin provide comfort and hydration, while Pullulam (a sugar polymer obtained from potato starch and tapioca) covers the bristles and ensures long-lasting care. Finally, 8% of the black mineral pigments produce an even more intense color than in the original version.

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