How our smile changes with age

The mouth and teeth areas lose their shine with age. Experts give us all their advice to find a radiant and harmonious smile.

“Anti-aging” cosmetics have an impact not only on crow’s feet or mimic wrinkles. Your smile and teeth are also affected by aging and deserve the same attention. “Like any facial anatomy, this area changes with age. Or rather, it concerns, ”says Dr. Sandrine Sebban, a cosmetic doctor in Paris.

Loss of tone

Since the 1920s, the production of collagen, a naturally occurring protein in the body that maintains the elasticity and firmness of the skin, has been declining. Around the lips, this is manifested by a loss of tension in the lips and their contours, and a progressive relaxation of the cheeks. “Fine lines and fine lines appear at the corners of the mouth and around the mouth, creating a terrifying” barcode “effect. The nasolabial fold widens, a pendulous face appears, ”explains Dr. Ralph Badaoui, dental surgeon and cosmetic dentist at Le Palais du Sourre in Paris.

What to do in your bathroom to remedy this? “Make special lip scrubs and moisturizing baths at night. These are gestures to keep the skin youthful, advises Magali Marx, Clarins’ makeup expert. “Apply the moisturizing cream generously to the lips, going well beyond the contours as they can become marked with age. This ensures thicker, smoother and more beautiful lips.

When that is no longer enough, hyaluronic acid injections allow you to easily fill in these wrinkles and contour your lips. Other, more invasive, plastic surgery techniques such as lifting or threading may also be considered. “They help to restore the tone of the skin muscles. The patient will be much more comfortable and will actually smile ‘wider’, which also helps to tone the mouth area, Dr Badaoui notes. In this sense, “facial gymnastics” exercises have every interest in getting into our skincare routine to prevent natural sagging.

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Less shiny teeth

Teeth that are not white enough are the subject of a complex for a quarter of the French (1). Despite all our efforts and goodwill, it is not only our lifestyle that spoils their color. “By the time the teeth can grow in, the enamel is 100% formed. Then this capital decreases with time. The enamel will wear off and lose weight naturally, and the underlying dentin, which is yellow, appears more and more, ”reveals Dr. Badaoui. Coloring drinks such as coffee, tea and red wine can aggravate this yellowing.

To achieve a Hollywood smile, experts usually recommend using tooth whitening. While it can be very tempting to use cheaper alternatives such as “whitening” toothpaste, pens, and other popular social media UV lamps, doctors warn of the fleeting nature of the “whiter” glow that illusory whiteness provides. Some products with questionable formulas can even damage the enamel and have the opposite effect.

Redraw your smile

As we age, we also experience a general loss of bone mass that affects the shape of our face. “This decline in tissue, muscle, and bone that occurs with age changes the outer appearance of the jaw. The face texture generally appears more sunken and the mouth much narrower than that of a young face. The contours of the jaws also seem less distinct, “says Dr. Lisa Hanrad, dentist and colleague of Happybrush’s oral care brand, before adding:” The physiological movement of the teeth reduces the entire dental arch by a few millimeters, which causes the teeth to move slightly forward. .

To restore a smile after a certain age, dentistry and surgery prevail. “Patients most often use veneer reconstructions, which both redefine the shape of the teeth and restore their white color. It’s like we are doing a new facade, ”describes Dr. Badaoui. “We recreate a smile according to several parameters: you need to find the right shape and the right position of future veneers to suit your face and your character. Rather than asking for a classic model, we analyze your face criteria to know what angle and direction to give each of your teeth to avoid the “fake” effect that will make you miss yourself.

“Rejuvenate” smile

The next decisive step in this smile rejuvenation procedure: “The surgeon will make sure that the upper teeth are visible when the smile is at rest, i.e. when it is not moving.” Dr. Ralph Badaoui continues, “Indeed, when the smile is” young ”We see many more upper teeth. With age, the lower ones are more prominent. We regulate this by reconstructing worn teeth and bringing them back to the correct height to fit them back into the mouth.

If the teeth are misaligned, it is generally recommended to align with invisible aligners. Orthodontic therapy can also be implemented at an advanced age.

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The importance of a good oral routine

The best way to keep a fresh and radiant smile is, first and foremost, by taking care of good oral hygiene. In addition to brushing your teeth at least twice a day while saving enamel, “regular care of the interdental spaces helps to avoid common dental diseases such as caries and periodontitis, but also most unsightly discoloration. Vitamins A, C and D and folic acid, in particular, can contribute to the maintenance of healthy gums, which are important for a radiant smile, ”advises Dr. Hanrad.

“Avoid eating acidic substances that can melt the enamel, such as lemon juice or sodas. Of course, alcohol and tobacco should be avoided as they cause the teeth to loosen. Drink as much water as possible to cleanse the oral environment and restore a neutral mouth space, ”adds Dr. Ralph Badaoui. Finally, having your teeth checked and cleaned by a healthcare professional every six months will increase the benefits of these good habits.

(1) Research conducted by OpinionWay for the Regenerate brand in 2018.

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