“In Mende, the real estate market is tight”: advice from industry professionals

The agency and Sologec agree on an analysis of the situation. Slogan: opportunism.

1. Few supply and high demand

“In Mende, the acquisition market is a microcosm in itself. Few offers, but many requests. Therefore, the prices are relatively high compared to what is practiced elsewhere in Lozère.”

Maxime Dallet, manager of the agency L’Agence, located on Place Berret in Mende, summed up the real estate situation in the prefecture of the city in almost one sentence. “The Mendois market has always been tight” confirms Sandrine Bernadoy, managing director of the Sologec brand, located on Boulevard Henri-Bourrillon.

According to the professional, therefore, buyers naturally prefer neighboring municipalities: “Saint-Étienne-du-Valdonnay, Balliege, Badarou… Chanac is also in high demand because of its amenities and proximity to the motorway.”

Almost fifty buyers are waiting for a building plot

The city of Mende has revised its Local Urban Plan (PLU) twice, in 2012 and 2018, with a general revision to provide new building opportunities on its territory.

“The idea was to plan for this aspect over the next ten or fifteen years, recalls Laurent Souau, the current mayor of Mende. One of the paradoxes is that Alain Bertrand, my predecessor, was criticized for building too much between 2012 and 2015. We attacked the Hauts de la Bergerie area, where there are 260 housing units. Many private owners, especially in the city center, were worried about the possibility of renting out their apartment. I affirm that we must continue to build the city. The number of requests I still have at the town hall proves me right.”

According to the city councilor, about fifty people are now waiting in the urban planning department for building land. “We need to respond to the aspirations of the people, he insists. They want their front door, their lawn, their garden, their fruit tree.”

This justifies the need for new homes with the city prefecture’s important central fees. : “For example, the pool extends far beyond the community of communes. We need a tax that goes to the treasury.”

In the 2018 PLU, the city must share over 100 hectares (crafts and housing). “However, we know that we are constrained by climate law and sustainability law rules and the ‘zero net artificiality’ goal planned for 2050, with a first deadline in 2030. the mayor continues. But we rural areas, we were virtuous. Megacities have captured nature. For cities like Mende, there should be exceptions.”

The 2018 PLU provides for the division of more than 100 hectares (crafts and housing).

2. Appetite for a custom home

Not surprisingly, a custom pavilion is the most valuable asset. “Everyone would like a house with three or four bedrooms, with a garden area, on one level, not too far from the city center, but not too close, and facing south”detail in the chorus of Maxime Dallet and Benjamin Pottier, his sales agent.

3. Inequality between North and South

In Mende, the price per square meter cannot be fixed. Reason? “It varies from simple to double depending on the area,” Benjamin Pottier answers. Prices are actually higher in the northern part of the city when looking south. On the contrary, on the other hand, due to the lack of sun, especially in winter, prices are lower.

4. New builds

Whether public or private, new developments are springing up – apartment buildings or residential complexes. But, again, you must quickly seize your chance. “All new buildings, whatever they may be, are systematically stormed in Mende, notes Sandrine Bernadoy. We already saw this eleven years ago with the Admiral and the Aurora.

Maxim Dal, although he welcomes these initiatives, is nevertheless concerned about the explosive growth in construction costs: “We have grown by at least 30% in recent years due to Covid-19. This should encourage buyers to return to the old one. The end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 look very challenging.”

“A complete success, we had buyers before the launch”

Mende’s local urban plan was revised in 2018, making various sites suitable for construction. A boon that three local entrepreneurs Nicolas Araujo, Mikael Grezet and Alain Morin seized on.

Together they bought a hectare on the high ground of the city, where they built the residential complex Le Clos de la Safranière, at the end of the trail of the same name. Nine houses are under construction. A small team of ten T2s will be delivered at the end of April this month. The last lot has been reserved for the tenth pavilion.

For three investors operation “complete success”. “We had buyers even before the launch”, clarifies Mikael Grez, who also heads Batir48, the company responsible for the construction. “All houses were bought as the main housing. On the other hand, some T2s have been purchased for rental purposes.” Alain Morin says

Three associates assure him that if a new opportunity arises on Mende’s northern flank, they will seize it.

Mikael Grezet and Alain Morin can be proud of the division's developments such as high quality riprap.

Mikael Grezet and Alain Morin can be proud of the division’s developments such as high quality riprap.

5. Professional advice

For Maxim Dal, the first advice would be “Don’t lose hope. There are still good indicators, in particular, interest rates that remain low, and new projects that appear, albeit in crumbs.” Second : “When there is a suitable opportunity, you should not hesitate. You must be adventurers. When you are too patient, you miss it.”

Maxime Dallet and Benjamin Pottier urge buyers not to hesitate.

Maxime Dalle and Benjamin Pottier urge buyers not to hesitate.

Sandrine Bernadoy agrees: “Previously, a new client visited a dozen objects before he found the right one, now we tell him: “If you liked the first one, take it. Make an offer.” We are also creating more and more personalized alerts. If this continues, we will soon be providing a la carte services to clients and we will find them accommodations like apartment hunters.”

Sandrine Bernadoy urges buyers not to hesitate.

Sandrine Bernadoy urges buyers not to hesitate.

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