“In order to grab attention, your storefront needs to communicate,” Thibaut Guillaume, Founding Director of VITRINEMEDIA.

The showcase remains the primary medium for real estate professionals. Today it should be visible, dynamic and communicative.

JDA: With the advent of 100% digital real estate players, do traditional physical agencies keep the edge?

Thibault Guillaume: Absolutely! While it is true that new online-only “pure player” models are gaining some market share, traditional real estate agents as we know them are dominating and still have a bright future ahead of them. Real estate will always need physical and human presence to greet its clients and support them in all their important projects.

We too often tend to compete between technology and people, while in my opinion we should combine them to create hybrid agency models that have every chance of better capturing the French where they are: on the street and online!

JDA: Are physical storefronts still a useful tool for attracting customers?

XL: Undoubtedly, the showcase is the first media of real estate agencies. As proof, looking at product ads in a shop window is still one of the favorite pastimes of the French. Local real estate agencies with a window fill the need for visibility and significant local support. What’s more, when people look for a real estate agent, 20% of them find one at their local real estate agency and 20% online. This confirms the importance of local visibility for customer acquisition, which goes hand in hand with digital presence. The good news today is that these two benefits make storefronts modern and lively: they allow you to capture leads in the field with an eye-catching animated display, and increase their conversion rate into qualified leads.

JDA: How do you turn interested passers-by into potential customers?

TG: To be effective, windows don’t have to be dead, passive, quite the opposite: they should encourage interested passers-by to initiate action with the real estate agency. To do this, VITRINEMEDIA develops very effective tools. Thanks to simple QR codes that can be scanned in a window, passers-by now have the opportunity to make an appointment with a real estate agent, even if the agency is closed or the person is in a hurry to clarify the details of the property seen. in the showcase, discover agency services and even access an online assessment tool. This interactive showcase concept is doubly beneficial. On the one hand, people get the satisfaction of being able to quickly initiate contact, initiate an easy process to promote their project, and on the other hand, for real estate agents, this is a modern perspective with the residents of their area. .

“A modern shop window should attract the eye, convey information and allow for dialogue between professionals and people.” Thibaut Guillaume, Founding Director of VITRINEMEDIA

JDA: What are your tips for an attractive public presentation?

XL: For a window to be seen and attract attention, it must be visible, dynamic and informative. it should be eye-catching, convey information, and allow conversation to start between professionals and individuals.

– For visibility, first of all, agencies should work on their “branding”, the image of their brand. It is about designing and maintaining both the exterior and interior of the outlet in order to offer a pleasant visual experience, in particular through quality design that reflects the quality of the services offered. Avoid cluttered windows to provide natural light to your agency and give passers-by a first impression of what’s going on outside. Instead of multiplying ads in the window, choose the prettiest one to give the impression of customization offered for each property. People will be sensitive to this quality and distinctive image.

– As for the dynamic aspect, there are a lot of screens in the windows of agencies at the moment. They allow you to convey important information without overloading the presentation. For example, view videos of virtual tours of your facilities, an animated and personalized presentation of your teams, your values ​​and your services. The trend is for large format screens to increase the impact and visibility of your messages.

– Finally, for your window to communicate, it must allow you to carry on a conversation with interested passers-by. For those who are in a hurry or don’t want to start a physical conversation right away, offer them the opportunity to connect with you, such as via social media chat or set up an appointment via an associated QR code. to your calendar. Feel free to share your upcoming events, news and current offers in the storefront.

JDA: Is it possible to measure traffic to his storefront?

TG: Indeed, we at VITRINEMEDIA have developed a technology that allows real estate agencies to measure the number of visitors to their windows. It is a small camera, compliant with RGPD regulations, allowing for the collection of multiple information. In particular, you can find out the traffic of people, that is, all the people who pass in front of your agency, the audience that stops in front of your window, interested contacts who stop there for more than three seconds, and qualified contacts who browse your storefront for more than 10 seconds. . This data is very useful for highlighting your local visibility with your potential customers, as well as determining which part of your storefront attracts the most, better positioning your information at the right time, and measuring your impact.

Don’t forget that the difference in a storefront is, of course, the quality of your shared content!

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