In the Cotentin, municipalities are looking for second homes

Due to the very high price of real estate and the virtual impossibility of construction for municipalities, second homes and holiday homes are becoming the majority on the east coast of the Cotentin (Manche). (© Jean-Paul BARBIER)

It’s hard to find one house on the East Coast from Cotentinin sector from barfleur (Channel) and his neighborhood. “Always been very few properties for sale in that corner. And those that are, go away very quickly. It’s often fruit of inheritance and family houseswhich, as a rule, do not have time to put up for sale or who do not stay for more than a week,” analyzes Alexander Revert, a real estate specialist for Properties Cotentin.

law of supply and demand I promise real estate prices fly to Val de Sir. “Was significant increase those last two years. Prices will potentially stagnate, but they won’t fall right away,” the real estate expert warns.

“City of two speeds”

Direct consequence: real estate is mainly attracted “significant scholarships”. “People living in big cities or more Strangerswho wants second houses come and spend your holiday. This is, in essence, outside people in the Cotentin, who buy,” says Alexander Revert.

Barfleur, one of the 164 most beautiful villages in Francemoreover, it is “unusual setting”. “The area was lit up by this, attractiveness was reinforced. For these reasons, Barfleur is a two-speed city that is very well suited for secondary and seasonal work, especially during the summer. »

higher prices

According to a survey conducted by Le Parisien and Meilleurs Agents, it is necessary to consider 150,000 euros afford 46m2 in Barfleur. For comparison, in other beautiful villages in France, the area for the same amount is 45 m2.2 to Veules-les-Roses (Seine Maritime), 44m2 to Talmont-sur-Gironde (Charente-Primorskaya) or 81 m2 to Evre-le-Châtel (Loire).

Unlike other areas of the Cotentin, Val-de-Sire has higher prices and is more attractive to certain time of the year. “As far as piloting, you have to be more attentive from local news than anywhere else, the deadlines for the sale of property are more stringent. The concept of volatility is also particularly prominent in Barfleur, more so than in other sectors, with activity peaks especially in summer. »

Add to that ” almost impossible for the municipalities build ”, the disappearance housing tax for basic housing depriving municipalities that are already suffering inflationfrom significant resources. “Gradually, old building for sale busy for second houses or more residential buildings “, notes Jean-Marie Roque, city council member Montfarville.

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“village killer”

Yves Asselin, mayor from Revillenotes that his city, located a few kilometers from Barfleur, full “three and a half months a year”. The conclusion is directly related to the fact that half of the goods There are second houses in the village. “It’s the situation that worries me, it’s the form country killer “, the city councilor admits.

Due to the lack of sufficient population during the year, merchantsbut also doctors where pharmacists suffer from lack of clients permanent, according to local elected officials. schools is also empty. This phenomenon accelerates desertification medical and commercial. »

Merchants are not so embarrassed by the omnipresence of second homes…

The omnipresence of second homes doesn’t hinder their operations so much, according to some merchants who work in the Val-de-Sire. “Winter is always a bit long and quite calm,” admits the Barfleur-based restaurant, explaining that it does not suffer economically from this situation. “But with the return of sunny days and during the holidays, you quickly feel the presence of vacationers. This is always very beneficial because they have more fun than our regular customers. In addition, their presence brings the village to life. Of course, we would not mind if there were more main residences. The more people the better! »

The same story in the pharmacy in Val-de-Sire, where we explain that in winter we are a little annoyed by the lack of activity. Without it, however, constituting an embarrassment. Finally, at the bakery, the saleswoman admits that she probably doesn’t like the large number of customers all year round. “It will require reorganizing the way we work to produce more,” she breathes, explaining that attendance triples during the holidays. “We do not have any particular difficulties associated with the availability of secondary housing. »

House tax increase?

The same observation in Barfleur, where 50% of the properties are second homes. “This is a fundamental trend, with regular decline the number of inhabitants per year. It has been that way for decades. Often, when a person dies, someone else buys his property. High prices hold back young couples who work in this sector to come and settle here. I don’t want Barfleur to work like ski station, with 30 inhabitants in winter and 3,000 in summer. it is unpleasant coming. »

Faced with this situation, several mayors of the Val-de-Serre unite. Purpose: to increase housing tax in a secondary residence. “This could only be done from January 2023. While we’re fighting for decorrelated an increase in the housing tax on second homes from this on property taxwhich would be detrimental to residents who live in our municipalities all year round,” explains Yves Asselin.

law authorizes municipalities to increase the housing tax on second homes only with 2023forcing them to make it grow in the same proportions in real estate tax on properties under construction for everything Population.

“This is not our desire at all. After the legislative elections, we are going to set up a parliamentary pressure group to get the decorrelation of these two taxes in the 2023 finance law. a 5 to 60% increase in housing tax for second homes. We are going to join this pressure group of deputies and senators and coastal mayors from all over France. »

Jean Marie Roque

Fortify Resources

Achieving an isolated increase in the housing tax on second homes will obviously not deter Parisians and foreigners from buying property in the Cotentin. “In any case, they will buy at any price,” says the mayor of Reville.

But it will allow municipalities to strengthen their resources. “Because the residence tax has been abolished for the main residences, we charge miss to win as the cost of living rises. However, this tax was far from unfair. By being able to increase the housing tax on second homes, we could already improve services with more resources. It could also be a way to buy land for the construction of rental housing, which could be offered to local residents, such as young start-ups, at lower prices than the private market, which is difficult to intervene. »

The best solution for populate and resurrect the villages of Val-de-Sire?

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