Invest in stone, direct or SCPI?

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Choosing real estate to diversify your assets and generate additional income is not always easy. Indeed, straight stone or SCPI, investors face a decisive choice.

SCPI, whose total capitalization reached 78.6 billion euros as of December 31, 2021, showed strong growth last year, with observed inflows increasing by 22%.

This new way of becoming an owner is attracting more and more savers who are phasing out direct real estate.

In terms of supporting investors in the realization of their projects, various players in the highly competitive real estate market strive to stand out, and La Centrale des SCPI, whose positioning we will discuss, succeeded in this.

Direct purchase of stone or purchase of paper stone: what are the advantages of SCPI?

Every year, many savers choose to turn to real estate to accumulate assets and earn additional income, a good idea, but at what cost?

Investments in immediate real estate have been profitable for a long time, however, the profitability observed in recent years is on a downward trend, this phenomenon is due, in part, to the control of rents in large cities, as well as the numerous fees associated with investments. .

“Investments in direct real estate have long been profitable, but the returns observed in recent years have been on a downward trend, a phenomenon due, in part, to rent control in large cities, as well as numerous fees associated with investments.”

Choosing the “best” object is often a headache, besides this determining factor, choosing the right tenant, the right payer, the one who won’t spoil, carrying out landscaping, visits, in short, a set of elements that is very often a source of trouble, finally this beautiful project quickly becomes an extremely time-consuming and unprofitable investment…

Vintage SCPI, for their part, are seeing a significant increase in the performance of their collection, in fact, this investment stands out without problems with rent. SCPI allows you to become the owner of a real estate portfolio that increases in value over time and receive monthly or quarterly rent. SCPI offer returns that range from 4.5% to 6% for the most efficient of them.

The management companies that manage them purchase properties on behalf of the contributors and take care of everything: whether it is managing tenants, selling and acquiring properties, landscaping and renovation work, relationships with all players, investors can invest in minutes from home and collect rent . without managing anything.

In addition, SCPI, unlike real estate for rent, allows for very strong diversification of investors’ assets and extraordinary pooling of risks. Contributors no longer depend on one real estate market, but own real estate located in the four corners of the world!

In short, being accompanied and delegating the management of your assets to companies that know the markets better is the key to success.

How did La Centrale des SCPI impose itself on real estate agencies to invest in real estate?

As part of the implementation of direct rental investments, real estate agencies rarely advise investors on projects, and, finally, few investors are accompanied in choosing a property, as well as the appropriate tax regime.

Faced with many classic real estate agencies, Central SCPI established in 2010 stands out. His agency, located at 15 rue Saint-Roch in the first arrondissement of Paris, offers without appointment qualified asset management consultants who are always ready to advise savers in any way they can. In addition to being a physical agency, La Centrale des SCPI has been able to adapt to new consumption patterns thanks to its website and e-signature software, real estate is available in a few clicks, in addition, fintech is the leading distributor of SCPI on the Internet (www. .centraledesscpi. com).

There are many performance RMIs, whether generic or specialized, French or European, choosing the right RDI is highly recommended, supporting you in building a diversified portfolio.

“The partnerships established between La Centrale des SCPI and management companies with many years of experience in the real estate industry are the key to successful investors’ investments.”

partnerships established between Central SCPI and management companies with many years of real estate experience are the key to successful investors’ investments. Indeed, regardless of the age or position of the contributor, La Centrale des SCPI can assist its clients in putting together an individual SCPI portfolio.

In the end, Central SCPI differs from traditional real estate agencies not only in the location of specialists, SKPI, but also in its experience.

In 2021, SCPI’s collection stood at €7.4 billion and many asset management experts believe that SCPI with performance is the rental investment of the future.

The flexible nature of SCPI and the strong diversification they offer sets them apart from direct real estate, where the transactions carried out do not always match investor profiles.

Thus, the decision to invest in real estate with FFM to create heritage and generate additional income is an extremely interesting operation from a heritage point of view. SCPI provides investors with the best solution to diversify their assets as part of a long-term strategy without having to worry about managing them.

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A warning

An investment in SCPI is not guaranteed either in terms of dividends received or in terms of capital preservation. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in real estate markets.
Before making a decision to buy SCPI stock, seek professional advice to ensure that this investment fits your asset profile.
Finally, as with any real estate investment, consider the fact that SCPIs are long term investments with a minimum holding period of eight years.

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