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The Municipal Council of Les Sables d’Olonne voted one year ago the renovation project of the Manoir de La Mortière with a view to future commercial exploitation in the form of a gourmet restaurant.
For that, a group of commands was formed.

La Mortiere’s mansion
This Solar – located on rue des Anciens Maires – is a very beautiful old building.
He was originally a fortified house dating from the Middle Agesand probably transformed at the beginning of the 17th century (the portico of the tower probably dates from this period) into post office and inn.
With about 750 m2, it is located in the heart of the Olonne-sur-Mer district, a few steps from the Church.

It became the property of Gabriel Sourouille de la Mortière in the early 18th century. This one, Sieur de La Mortière, was a lawyer, licensed in civil and canon law. He married Magdeleine Buiret in 1709. He had two children, Pierre-René and Magdeleine.
His son, Pierre-René, public prosecutor, also a lawyer, with a degree in civil and canon law, was a tax attorney for Les Sables and the county of Olonne.
Pierre-René, born around 1718 in Olonne, was prefect of Les Sables d’Olonne from 23 August 1760 to 1 May 1763, appointed prefect by order of the Count of Blossac, to replace Monsieur Lodre des Chasteigniers whose term was ending (the eldest of Pierre-René’s sons, Pierre-Marie, was also mayor from August 1 to December 6, 1790 – he accepted the position of justice of the peace in November – in a troubled period…).
It was in 1953 that it was sold by the family.

It was purchased by the municipality of Olonne-sur-Mer on 24 February 2006 from a private owner, priced at €275,000 excluding taxes at the time.
It is now fully within the framework of the policy of enhancing the heritage of the merged town of Les Sables d’Olonne.
Furthermore, within its perimeter, the space between the Manoir de La Mortière and the Church will be gradually freed up, allowing for the creation of an airy courtyard and creating a visual link between these two remarkable buildings.

gastronomic restaurant
The city of Olonne received many proposals for this mansion; were considered unsatisfactory.
Mr. and Mrs. Ferré, who previously ran the restaurant located in the port of Les Sables, “Le Quai des Saveurs”, which they sold in February 2021, visited the Mansion in 2014 and were delighted.
His project and the allocation of the Manor for a gourmet restaurant was considered interesting and useful for the town of Les Sables d’Olonne; the triple objective was to enhance the heritage, develop activity in the heart of Olonne and support economic and commercial activity for the benefit of the inhabitants.
This choice was made and an emphyteutic lease was then planned for a period of 50 years for the operation of a gourmet restaurant, a brasserie and a charcuterie inside this Manor.
The project also provides accommodation for employees and, later, some guest rooms.
The gourmet restaurant and charcuterie will be supplied thanks to a farm and vegetable garden, including many aromatic plants, recently acquired.

Michelin star
It is designed by the couple of buyers to get a Michelin star.
Mr. Ferré has worked in many establishments of this level and is therefore considered to be very experienced.
Le Manoir is well suited to this project with the presence of what will become four beautiful bedrooms after the planned renovation.
But, rooms that, however, await a good renovation because over time they suffered a little.
This also explains the amount of renovation works paid by the City, but also by the tenants who will contribute a significant amount to the works and equipment.

Works: project sketched in 2021
The town of Les Sables d’Olonne will pay €1,330,000 for the building’s renovation works, including taxes (the roof repair was carried out in 2017 for €50,000).
The lessee will contribute €1 million towards the renovation, including €600,000 for works and €400,000 for accessories and equipment needed for marketing.
The rate set at €26,400 excluding VAT/year for five years and then €30,000 excluding VAT/year did not give rise to any comments from the Domains department.
The project should be ready, after two years of work, for the month of June 2023.

Financing – May 2, 2022 City Council
As planned, a 50-year lease was drawn up for the Manoir de la Mortière.
During the City Council of April 2, 2021, the signing of a lease agreement was unanimously approved, after an emphyteutic lease relating to the landlord of La Mortière, to a company to be modified or created before signing, majority-owned by Mr. and Mrs. Ferré with a view to operating as a gourmet restaurant, brasserie, delicatessen and company accommodation for a period of 50 years.

It was expected:
– the building that needs major renovation works to remove it from water and air,
it was expected that the municipality would carry out works worth 935.000 € HT – closed/covered/structured – (to which should be added project management and ancillary costs, that is, an operation amount payable by the city of 1,043.725.86 € excluding taxes). Development work valued at 530,000 € HT (excluding project management and kitchen layout) being left to the future occupant.

But stop
the continuation of the restitution of the ODA phasethere appear to be additional costs for the operation relating to the Manoir de la Mortar: the city’s share of labor rose from €935,000 excluding tax to approximately €1,435,000 excluding tax. In addition, it is also proposed that the city bears part of the cost of the finishing works, ie €177,200, excluding taxes.

It was expected:
– that the fee is €2,500 excluding taxes per month (30,000 excluding taxes/year), revisable annually in proportion to the variation of the quarterly index of commercial rents, specifying:
– that during the first 5 years the rate will benefit from a reduction of €250 without VAT per month on the initial amount and its amounts reviewed annually,
– that from the 6th year this subsidy is abolished (the rate will thus increase to € 2,500 excluding taxes per month plus the annual review from the beginning of the lease proportional to the variation of the quarterly index of commercial rents)
– that from the 6th year and until the end of the lease term, the fee benefits from a reduction of €250 excluding taxes per month on the initial value and its values ​​reassessed annually, provided that and while the restaurant operates in the rented premises will have a star in the Michelin Guide.

the continuation of the restitution of the APD phase, and the costs incurred to the Municipality, it is therefore proposed modify the clause relating to royalties previously established for the lease granted and accepted:
– that during the first 5 years, a fixed annuity, without indexation, which will be limited to €30,000 excluding taxes, plus VAT at the rate in force, payable monthly in 12 terms and equal installments of €2,500 excluding taxes per month;
– from the 6th year, a fixed annuity of €30,000 excluding taxes and a variable commission based on turnover excluding taxes, broken down as follows:
* if the turnover is less than 800.000 € excluding taxesthe lessee must pay an annual fee fixed amount of 30,000 € without VAT, plus VAT at the prevailing rate, payable monthly in 12 equal terms and payments of 2500 VAT, per month.
* of a turnover of €800,000, the lessee must pay:
– a fixed annual fee in the amount of 30,000 € without VAT, plus VAT at the prevailing rate, payable monthly in 12 equal conditions and payments of €2,500 without VAT, per month in advance.
and additionally, a variable commission, set at 2.5% of turnover excluding taxes, corresponding to the difference between turnover and €800,000, specifying that this total amount (fixed + variable) cannot exceed € 3,000 per month excluding VAT, plus VAT at the rate in force.

As for the reduction of the Michelin star, it can be applied from the beginning of the operation:

– over the duration of the lease and from the first year, the tenant can benefit from a reduction of €250 excluding taxes per month on the flat rate, which will rise from €2,500 to €2,250, as soon as and for as long as the restaurant operates in the leased premises will have a Michelin Guide star or equivalent qualification level in case the Michelin Guide disappears.

The lease, which must also include the parking spaces, will enter into force no later than June 30, 2024.
On site, a diagnosis of archaeological excavations will be carried out. If more extensive excavation is required to delay completion of the work, the lease pledge will specify that the lessee has the right to leave without penalty. In addition, if the lessee wishes, despite the delay in the work, linked to only these successful excavations, maintain its project, the city will assume at its own expense the realization of the excavations without owing any compensation to the lessee.
The lease promise also provides for a suspensive clause for obtaining bank loans.

After a favorable opinion from the Urban Planning Commission, meeting on April 26, 2022, the City Council authorized the Mayor to to sign a promise then a lease lease under the new conditions.

See below the rare photos of the interior of the Solar
The Solar has a beautiful outdoor environment with, in particular, its beautiful tower and entrance porch.
To offer you some photos of the interior of these four beautiful rooms – to be renovated – nand slipped away for a short time to photograph these gems…from another time!


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