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Bella Hadid’s oval, Kendall Jenner’s look, Kate Middleton’s cheekbones, Emily Ratajkowski’s lips, Kim Kardashian’s contouring … aesthetic medicine requirements are now based on characteristics that are ideal references.

The most beautiful woman in the world looks like Bella Hadid. According to a 2019 scientific study by British cosmetic surgeon Julian de Silva, the model’s face is the one that comes closest to the idea of ​​’excellence’ at 94.35%, ahead of Amber Heard and Beyoncé. In any case, this is the result of a mathematical computation equation golden ratio (or the golden ratio), used by architects and artists since ancient Greece in creating masterpieces.

It measures the symmetry and harmony of facial features (such as the distance between the eyes, the length between the nose and the chin, forehead height, etc.). The closer its proportions are to the golden number (also known as the phi number), the more the profile corresponds to the physical perceptions at that time.

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Social network dictates

Today it is a new algorithm that defines the canons of beauty: the canons of social networks where celebrity selfies constantly flow and look their best. “Social networks are largely a source of demand for aesthetic medicine. Patients often start to build their project under their influence ”- notes Dr.r Arnaud Lambert, doctor of aesthetic medicine and co-founder of Aesthé in Paris. “What they see in celebrity publications inspires them. They want to act on their lips, contouring them, theirs jaw line, redraw their oval: these are all mods born on these platforms. Trends that are of particular interest to the millennial generation looking for “beautification” rather than rejuvenation. In this sense, “the request is more focused on contouring: the play of curves that occurs between the concavity of the cheek, the convexity of the cheekbones, and the angle of the lower jaw. They want to emphasize different features of the face to make it look more structured. It’s a way to improve what they already have while moving to more up-to-date beauty codes, ”continues the specialist. A kind of “face architecture”, inspired by Kim Kardashian’s favorite make-up method, the 3D version. However, “these criteria remain a fashion, so we must not submit to them at any cost,” reminds D.r Alexandre Marchac, plastic surgeon in Paris.

this jaw lineby Bella Hadid

Lovely Hadid Filippo Fortis / imaxtree

The drawn and sculpted line of Bella Hadid’s jaw attracts all desires. “More and more women want to improve their oval because it is synonymous with youth and beauty,” says Dr.r Christelle Santini, a plastic surgeon from Paris, who sees a significant revival of patients’ interest in treating them jaw line for about three years. The same observation for D.r Alexandre Marchac, a cosmetic surgeon in Paris, who also explains this enthusiasm with recent scientific advances: “New injection techniques have made it possible to beautify the lower face. Brazilian doctors have developed a method called “face harmonization”, revealing spectacular before and after photos of jaws created exclusively with hyaluronic acid. Since then, a neat, straight and drawn line of the jaw has become the criterion of beauty. It is for men too, even more so! ” – notes the specialist. Make-up tips, facial massage techniques, and other facial gymnastics practices abound on social networks to get the same look naturally. In TikTok alone, the hashtag #jawline, which lists all of these tutorials, exceeds one billion views.

Lips trimmed Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski Vincenzo Grillo / imaxtree

Paradoxically, wearing the mask caused an explosion of pleas for aesthetic interventions on the lips: “The mouth hidden behind a piece of cloth can deflate and discreetly heal during the inflammatory phase after injection,” explains Dr. James Schinazi, an aesthetic medicine doctor in Paris, who is seeing a very marked increase in interest this area of ​​the face especially among millennials. The most popular look of the last two years according to industry professionals? “Russian lips”. This method, widely popularized on social media, involves shaping a heart-shaped mouth like a matryoshka doll by lifting it up rather than pushing it forward. “Instead of filling them homogeneously to increase their volume, as proposed by traditional technique, we inject hyaluronic acid at the level of the commissure and Cupid’s arch to create this ultra-designed and reinforced side,” describes D.r Schinazi. At the front, the natural contours are redefined, accentuated and hemmed for a plump look. The advantage of this technique is that it does not create a “duck’s face” effect in the profile.

this fox eyesby Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Alessandro Lucioni / imaxtree

Rather than almond-shaped eyes, this ‘cat’s eye’ look, stretched out to the sides and raised to the temples, has drawn the attention of the younger generation for the past two years. This area of ​​the face, emphasized by wearing a mask, is seen as a bonus without any signs of fatigue. “The combination of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid can be injected for volume loss treatment and support. Then, with the help of the tensioner thread, we raise the brow tail and stretch the outer corner of the eye to a higher level than the inner corner. This gives a more dynamic, deeper and less tired look, ”explains D.r Alexandre Marchac, a plastic surgeon in Paris, however, specifying that “this is quite an invasive practice” for temporary results. If the demand for these “fox eyes” (or cantopexia) is particularly increasing among the twenties and thirties, other patients may also be interested: “There are real indications for women who have a” sad “eye that is falling, regardless of age,” she adds. expert. On social networks, makeup tutorials abound to recreate this doe’s eye look without going through the scalpel box, with eyeliner strokes and eyeshadow or false lashes.

this Happy faceby Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Chris Jackson / Getty Images / AFP

The world is envious of her not only hairstyles and dresses. “The Duchess of Cambridge has a beautiful face, but the audience loves her friendly, cheerful and welcoming expression, which gives more comfort and confidence,” analyzes Professor Syed Haq, a specialist in plastic surgery, according to comments made by Daily Mail in 2020. High and prominent cheekbones, radiant smile, sparkling gaze, radiant mine … The funny appearance of Prince William’s wife has become a model of plastic surgery and inspires a new trend: a more “joyful” face. it consists in masking all traces of hardness, firmness or sadness. “The look of a ‘happy face’ à la Kate Middleton is a continuation of the aesthetic medicine that we have always liked to practice in France: one that does not modify features too much, but sublimes them,” confirms D.r Sarah Fadli, aesthetic medicine doctor and medical director of Maison Lutétia in Paris. “Women don’t want to change. Instead, they try to erase all negative facial signs and highlight anything that might give a positive image of their expression. We are not exaggerating, the result must be natural.

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The gua sha technique

The tutorial turned viral on TikTok shows beauticians naturally shaping their oval with a facial massage tool: gua sha. “It helps to sculpt the contours of the face and remove toxins from the skin. By relaxing some muscles and draining excess fluid, it empties the double chin area and tightens it, like a lifting effect, ”confirms Léa Perez, beautician at the FaceKult studio in Paris. Right move? “With the little tip of the gua sha, rub the skin from chin to ear, passing under the jaw bone. This helps to redraw the jaw line, ”says the expert, who dynamically recommends ten repetitions on each side to be repeated every day for visible results.

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