PHOTOS – Eye contour: shadows and puffiness, everything you need to know to get rid of them

Tired eyes, visible shadows, visible puffiness … The eye contour quickly suffers from the vagaries of time and our lifestyle. How do I reduce the visibility of these imperfections? Can we prevent them? Get to know a professional’s advice.

This is a topic that affects almost all of us puffiness and dark circles under the eyes do not distinguish between gender and age, young and old can pay the price very well! Even though the time factor increases our chances of ending up with tired eyes, it also happens that these physical inconveniences show up in our teens and even our children.

In such cases, it is very likely that the cause is genetic and the problem cannot be completely eliminated. Fortunately, apart from physical discomfort, it’s nothing serious and with the right gestures, it is quite possible to reduce their appearance. In order to fully understand this phenomenon and to offer the best advice, we asked Aline Légipont, a longtime pharmacist in Newpharma, for some explanations.

Puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, what’s the difference?

Puffiness refers to the swelling of the lower eyelid. This training is due accumulation of water or fat at the bottom of the eye contour. When it comes to dark circles, it is a change in the color of the skin under the eyes, sometimes accompanied by a dimple caused by poor hydration of the lymphatic system. Overall, Aline Légipont explains, ” Puffiness and dark circles under the eyes can be caused by tobacco, alcohol, fatigue … In some cases it is also the result of heredity and even age. With time, the features decline, we produce less hyaluronic acid and because the skin around the eye is extremely thin, the effects are obvious.

Good to know : to find out if your swelling is due to fat mass or water build-up practice drainage massage of the eye contour immediately after waking up. Using an ice cold tool (such as a Gua Sha, Jade Roller, or Mushroom Roulade on chilled) or with your fingers previously dipped in cold water. If the swelling fades and eventually disappears over the course of the day, it’s because it’s swelling from water pooling. If they persist, it is because it is a fat mass… They are more difficult because they are often hereditary and genetic. In extreme cases, surgery may help get rid of it.

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How to prevent dark circles and puffiness?

The good news is that dark circles and puffiness can be reduced overall! As always, it’s about adopting the right gestures and routine. Aline Légipont is formal, a healthy lifestyle has an undeniable impact on our physical appearance. To reduce and prevent puffiness and dark circles under your eyes, start by introducing good habits:

Have a healthy diet. Everything our body eats affects our physical appearance. Everything is connected in the body! The eye area resonates with the liver … the abuse of alcohol, salt and tobacco will seriously change the lymphatic circulation and thus affect the appearance of puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. There is no secret to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, it’s time to think about what we put on our plates. We stock up on vitamins, minerals and good products! Even if, of course, certain exceptions are allowed… with savings!

Apply an appropriate skin care routine. From the age of 25, caring for the eye contour becomes (almost) essential. This delicate area loses its elasticity very quickly and care can prevent damage as much as possible. It’s important to choose the right care for your routine to be effective. We avoid, for example, moisturizing face creams (definitely too rich) for contouring! We prefer treatments specially developed for this area. Serum, cream and oil enriched with vitamin E, green tea, hyaluronic acid or blueberries … If you are unsure, you can completely trust your specialist (pharmacist or beauty consultant) to guide you.

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Sleep enough! This is probably the most common piece of advice, good sleep remains the best solution to look after your beauty and relieve your body of everyday stress. But be careful to always listen to your body, go to bed when you are tired, and wake up (if possible) naturally to allow your body to provide its natural cycle. To avoid rude awakening, for example, you can leave your shutters open enough to let in the morning light. Natural light gently awakens the body, ensuring a good day!

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Natural and easy methods of reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes

In addition to care and a healthy lifestyle, you can use small tips to remove and reduce dark circles under the eyes. Aline Legipont advises drainage massage. We reactivate the lymphatic system by lightly tapping the middle of the lower eye for about five minutes, morning and evening. Many tutorials are available on the Internet. especially for exercise facial yoga. This complete massage technique includes an effective method to refresh your eyes! Our employee also recommends apply cotton pads soaked in cornflower water cold for five minutes, just to clear it and rest. A little moment that can bring the greatest good after a stormy day.

Makeup remains the solution rather quick and helpful when it comes to concealing dark circles and puffiness! A good trick is to apply a concealer (a shade lighter than your natural skin tone) below, not on the surface of the dark circle. The illuminated area will attract the eye and enlarge your gaze. Tip tested and approved! I thank Aline Légipont for her valuable advice.

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