Presidential real estate: what are the challenges and solutions for real estate professionals?

During our observation, we thought we saw that the electoral context could have implications for real estate projects: concerns about the elected candidate and his program, waiting and waiting … We wanted to see if this trend was confirmed, and above all, to know how real estate professionals can accompany their clients when they show concern. To do this, we turned to three real estate professionals: Vincent Vitorio, co-founder of Progress immo; Fabienne Pelissou Teissy, founder of Vision Immo Consultants, and trainer at Le Campus; and Mark Gallon, manager of Noovimo. Here are their visions and advice.

Slowdown in activity, not necessarily related to presidential elections

In this 2022 election, the trend is indeed slowing down if we rely on the observation of our interlocutors. However, the presidential election is not the only reason.

For Vincent Vitorio, this is primarily a phenomenon of compensation. “We had a particularly high sales volume over the course of 5 years. There is a slight decline, but a large volume of sales can compensate for it. »

In the same vein, Mark Gallon is causing 2019, 2020 and 2021 insanity in terms of transactions. “with the rush of buyers and the number of sellers, which is declining year by year. » Thus, we see the loss of steam in this sales report. Two more obstacles were added to this factor: the tsunami of COVID infection at the beginning of the year, then the war in Ukraine at the end of February. “Everyone was infected or had contact. Whether it was a seller, a buyer, or an agent, there was bound to be one of the three who couldn’t move. As for the war in Ukraine, it did not improve morale.”.

Therefore, the beginning of the year was not unbelievable for the real estate market, but this trend is not so much associated with the presidential election. “Traditionally, there are 2 months of uncertainty with the pre-presidential elections, because there is a fear of the laws for investors. But there is always a minister who puts his name to revive the real estate market. »the leader of Noovimo waits not without humor.

A Decline That Presents an Opportunity… But Beware of the Climate Act

Activity slowdown as such is not a real problem. On the contrary, it even represents a possibility if we rely on the vision of Vincent Vitorio and Marc Gallon.

For leader Noovimo (Mark Gallon), “it’s a brake for a better start.” It is necessary to reassure the sellers who are waiting and are afraid of falling prices. “We have to explain to them that we are returning to real life. » The latter finally insists on another advantage: “This allows professionals to do their #1 job: to be the middleman between the buyer and the seller and return the item at the market price, not the dream price. This way we can return to a healthy balance between seller and buyer. »

“Not to mention that the period of uncertainty will be resolved by knowing the name of the chosen one”, remembers Vincent Vitorio. “It remains the logical cycle of Democratic life where we see a small, very temporary decline in sales. » The latter then clarifies that whatever the chosen candidate and his program, it will have little effect on the investment and the main place of residence.

According to Fabienne Pelisso Teissy, there is nothing to worry about about the potential impact of the presidential elections. If there are changes, they will have nothing to do with the presidential elections. “It is within the Climate Act that political leaders have a role to play. » According to her, the latter must by all means restrain the placement of energy-intensive housing on the market.

Tips to Remember

  • In every presidential context, reassure your clients that this election period will ultimately have little effect on real estate projects and remains temporary.
  • Focus on the Climate Act. Surround yourself with professionals (eg craftsmen) to advise landlords with energy-intensive properties (class F or G). Campus teams and Fabienne Pelissou Teissie will provide you with comprehensive and focused training on this subject.

Politicians should provide more guarantees to individuals to improve the effectiveness of real estate advice…

After the climate law scare, what can political leaders do tomorrow to meet economic needs and support real estate professionals?

For Vincent Vitorio, the state should help and encourage people to invest in real estate, either by buying it or by investing to rent it out. In the housing crisis we are experiencing, we must succeed in protecting tenants by providing them with decent housing and keeping their jobs if necessary. “The way to solve part of the problem is to make diagnoses or examinations that will guarantee the decency of housing.”

From Mark Gallon’s point of view, the deadline set by the Climate Act is untenable: rent bans need to be moved. For example, class G properties can no longer be rented out in 2023. “Every second product is a heat sieve according to the standards required for 2027.. Thus, we have 5 years to complete work on 50% of the entire fleet. Considering the number of craftsmen in France, we are physically unable to repair all these objects. »

… and enable them to turn the climate emergency into an opportunity for themselves and their clients

However, due to the climate law, Fabienne Peliço Teissy’s task is to contain the placement on the market of housing with an F or G classification. “This phenomenon is absolutely ‘out of control’ and risks intensifying either for reasons of panic or for financial reasons. On the positive side, we can enter a regulated cycle thanks to the renewal of the so-called thermal filters. » In fact, this will lead to bringing the housing stock in line with the standards. Therefore, the state and the relevant ministries are fully interested in the support of the relevant donors.

In this sense, we think of devices like MaPrimeRénov’. For Mark Gallon, “this system is very well done in terms of revenues”. Except that it includes a lot of disclaimers and conditions that are unclear. This is where real estate professionals can step in and expand their advisory responsibilities. “They can recommend solutions that support people in their procedures at MaPrimeRénov.” Our interlocutor cites Maxim as an example. The company with which the Noovimo teams are preparing to cooperate.

Tips to Remember

  • Regardless of future policy actions, see climate change as an opportunity. This is a proposal for a renovated building stock that is more in line with the climate emergency.
  • Get closer to solutions that help your owners get the job done.

Our article is coming to an end. We sincerely hope that our views and advice will put you and your customers at ease. Keep a few things in mind: Presidential elections have no real impact on real estate projects. And, finally, the real estate market is not scratched, but is in danger of being rebuilt in a positive direction. Particularly thanks to the Climate Act, not because of it. It all depends on your ability to turn obstacles into opportunities.

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