Saint-Étienne, the strongest real estate price increase in the region in 2021

French notaries published their report on the real estate situation at the end of the week, which collected data for the past year as of the end of December. In the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, prices have risen in Saint-Étienne and Clermont, but rise more steadily in Lyon and Grenoble.

Notaries in France announced this Thursday their April property report, which brings together the final data for 2021 stopped at the end of December and sales data for early 2022.

Thus, we learned that at the end of February, the volume of transactions in old housing stock in the last twelve months in France (excluding Mayotte) thus reached 1,187,000 transactions per year.

“The slight spike seen in February (compared to 1,177,000 registered at the end of January 2022) should not mask the slow decline in volumes seen over the past five months. Dynamic stabilization remains on. »

Notaries in France

Notaries also indicate that January and February will be synonymous with “a proven lull in the notaries’ offices that will manifest itself in the coming months.” They even qualify “an anomalous 2021 in which the French as a whole have accelerated, fleshed out and even anticipated their real estate projects.”

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Decrease in transactions in the first quarter, according to Laforet

nullThe franchise agency network announced its quarterly business review earlier in the week.

Luxury real estate prices in Lyon slow down in 2021

This is a conclusion recently made by Coldwell Banker and PriceHubble.

Real estate prices: LPI-Seloger notes a slowdown

LPI Seloger released the National Property Price Barometer at the end of February. Nationally, prices are rising, even as the trend is blunting in major cities.

Prices are rising slowly in France and Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes.

LPI-Seloger has published its barometer for January. Rising prices for existing housing is slowing down, including in Lyon. LPI-Seloger has published its barometer for January. In France, the price per m² at the conclusion of a contract for 3 months increased by 1.6% to 3,385 euros. PoI […]

House prices jump in France and Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes

nullFrench notaries have published their economic report with figures compiled as of the end of November 2021. Prices for apartments and houses in the region are rising, especially in Saint-Étienne.

Strong growth in demand in Savoy/Mont Blanc

On Thursday, FNAIM Savoie Mont Blanc organized a press conference to take stock of 2021 in the real estate markets of Aisne, Savoy and Haute-Savoie.

“Ultra-urban residents with high purchasing power are arriving on the outskirts”

Yann Jeanneau is President of Laforet France. We discuss with him the evolution of the real estate market in 2021, as well as the challenges of 2022.

2021, an exceptional year for real estate according to Century 21

The network of franchising agencies released its annual market review on Monday. Although the past year has been very good for business, prices, which are still rising, are beginning to ruin some households.

Record property market in 2021, according to Laforet

The past year has been very positive for real estate transactions with a record number of transactions. According to a network of franchise agencies, 2022 will be the year “between threats and opportunities.”

The real estate market has held up well in 2021, according to FNAIM.

nullFNAIM, a few days before its 2021 press conference, revealed the main trends of the last crop. Prices are still rising sharply, but with differences depending on the territory.

Real estate market: signs of weakness according to Immonot

According to the group’s real estate portal Notariat Services, some information suggests that sales may deteriorate and prices may decline.

Real Estate: Lyon Price Rise Eases

This is evidenced by the last monthly barometer LPI-Seloger.

Thermal colanders: sales in the cities of the region are accelerating

Seloger recently reported a surge in sales of energy filters. And especially in Lyon and in the big cities of Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes.

Rural municipalities face a real bull run

Since January, according to Meilleurs Agents, they have grown by 7.4%, which is almost 2.5 times more than in the main cities.

According to LPI-Seloger, prices in Lyon are still rising.

nullA barometer measuring the dynamics of real estate prices shows a weakening demand. In the cities of the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region, there is still a noticeable increase in prices.

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