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SCI Cap Santé is a unit of account available through the Target+ life insurance contract. SCI Cap Santé is a variable capital Société Civile Immobilière established on 30 December 2021 and managed by Primonial REIM France. This new savings solution allows you to invest in all types of medical real estate in Europe, such as clinics, laboratories or nursing homes. Thus, it supports the needs of the European population facing the problem of aging.

Investment strategy

The investment strategy aims to create real estate assets, which may consist of buildings, securities giving access to the capital of real estate companies, listed or not listed on the stock exchange, and any financial instruments issued by real estate companies, in particular , but not limited to, shares in real estate investment companies (SCPI), shares in real estate collective investment bodies (OPCI) and their foreign law equivalents and, on an ancillary basis, the creation and management of a portfolio of transferable securities necessary for management current cash. This real estate portfolio is primarily located in European OECD member states and primarily consists of real estate assets relating to the healthcare, senior citizens and dependents sectors.

SCI Cap Santé: the goal of performance

SCI CAP Santé’s annual performance target is over 5% (not guaranteed). The medical real estate sector is an acyclical sector driven by favorable long-term demographic trends.

SCI Cap Sante summary

To identify
Creation 2021
TCI category HEALTH
AT FR0014009IF7
SKI with capital Variable
Research institute label
Sharing funds
Financial indicators
Performance (raw) CN
Internal rate of return (2) (SORTING) n/a
Capitalization 100,000,000 euros
Past results are not indicative of future results. We don’t have enough historical data to display the graph.
Real Estate Assets CAP SANTÉ (BY CAPIMMO)
Number of goods 71
Investing in CAP SANTÉ (BY CAPIMMO)?
Open Subscription
Subscription price per unit 200 €
Subscription fee 0%
Management fee 3.10%

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Life insurance offer CAP SANTÉ (BY CAPIMMO) in units of account
(1) Margin of return (TDVM): The market value distribution rate, defined as the gross dividend before French and foreign deductions paid in year N (including exceptional milestone payments and a share of the over-distributable value) divided by the average purchase amount. price per year N shares.
(2) Internal rate of return (IRR): measures the return on investment over a given period. It takes into account changes in the value of shares and dividends distributed over the period.
RAN: Retained earnings rate PGR: Capital repair reserve rate.

Entry fee SCI Cap Santé: 0% until 12/31/2022, then 2% purchased from SCI from 01/01/2023.

Portfolio of quality medical real estate

As of January 1, 2022, SCI owned 71 healthcare facilities operated by 8 operators. His valuation exceeded 100 million euros. Responsible Investment Policies: All investments by SCI Cap Santé are subject to a non-financial rating based on their own rating grid based on 7 themes uniting ESG (environmental, social and governance).

Attentionlike any investment in real estate, SCI is an investment subject to the risk of capital loss..

  • Capital loss risk : SCI stock price may fluctuate up or down. The valuation of SCI shares is subject to real estate market conditions without regard to the intrinsic quality of the assets held.
  • Return risk A: Returns are not guaranteed. SCI may not bring even the slightest profit. Past results are not strictly indicative of future results.

Investments in SC and SCI type media may only be made by payment (initial or additional, excluding scheduled payments) or one-time arbitration under the terms and within the limits specified below:

  • Age limit: up to 75 years at the time of surgery.
  • Outstanding funds invested in vehicles of the alternative fund type (AMF) must not exceed the limit established by Article R 131-1 of the Insurance Code (as of November 1, 2017, the time of investment in arbitration or for an additional fee). SC and SCI are alternative funds by definition and are therefore subject to this regulatory limitation.

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