Training for real estate professions in Tours: FNAIM and Citya Immobilier committed to Excelia

Excelia has signed two partnership agreements with the National Federation of Real Estate (FNAIM) and Citya, a subsidiary of the Arche group headquartered in Tours.

Just a few months after opening its real estate sector (Bachelor and Master of Science), on April 29, 2022, Excelia signed two partnership agreements: one with FNAIM (National Federation of Real Estate), the first professional organization representing real estate. Estate and the other with Citya Immobilier, a subsidiary of Arche (chains Citya Immobilier, Laforêt, Guy Hoquet, Century 21 and Nestenn), a powerful real estate group headquartered in Tours. At the heart of this cooperation is the introduction of new training and the common strategy of the three partners to accelerate the economic development of the territory.

General commitment to learning real estate specialists

To meet the new demands of the real estate sector, Excelia was launched in 2021 in partnership with IMSI, the Real Estate Services Management Institute, with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Property Management and Negotiation (Bac+3). Resolutely addressing the business dimension and practice, he prioritizes the core aspects of customer experience, digital transformation and the environment. A great success for this course, which brought together about 30 students in its first promotion.

The Master of Science (MSc) in Real Estate Services Management (Bac+5), also in partnership with IMSI, provides training in managerial functions in the sector. Companies very present at the courses are involved in the life of Excelia, as is Citya Immobilier (accepting students for internships, work-study, recruiting graduates, participating in the competition jury, etc.).

FNAIM has placed the training of real estate professionals at the center of its political and militant activities by developing its own School, because it is the backbone that guarantees consumers the quality of services provided by professionals and the safety of their projects. In particular, for the development of this direction, the three partners officially signed two cooperation agreements on April 29.

An introductory course designed for on-the-job students at Citya Immo.bile

At the start of the academic year in September 2022, Excelia will open a course within the BA in Property Management and Negotiation for students studying at Citya Immobilier. A course that offers students the opportunity to join 3th a player in the French real estate management market with 4,000 employees and 250 agencies located in 150 French cities.

As part of the agreement signed with Excelia, Citya Immobilier will contribute to the Development Committee, which aims to ensure that the content of Excelia’s real estate training courses is in line with the skills needs of the sector. He will also take part in various educational events for students (consulting project, master class, jury, etc.).

New professional development programs in partnership with FNAIM

Through FNAIM, Excelia will develop, through its Excelia Executive Education organization and through the ESI-FNAIM School of the Professions, Certificate Programs (CQP in Real Estate as defined by the Real Estate Division) for people undergoing professional retraining in the real estate or agency industry. staff in professional development.

In addition, the two partners will discuss the implementation of individual training programs for the real estate sector (employees and managers). In this approach, he will build on the training activities conducted by FNAIM for more than 30 years throughout the country through the Graduate School of Property Management he created. These training courses will help meet the area’s skill needs. The agreement was signed on April 29 under the auspices of the National FNAIM for the department of Indre-et-Loire.

General dynamic engine of economic development of the territory

The purpose of these partnerships is the effective implementation of the strategy to revitalize the economic development of the territory.

For Excelia Based in Tours since 2020, this collaboration with professionals is part of its territorial development strategy: ensuring that its programs are relevant to their needs, making a useful intellectual contribution to local businesses and strengthening Excelia’s contribution in terms of sustainability, corporate social responsibility . , managerial agility and digitalization, which are his key areas of research.

For URBAN IMMOBILERestablished in Tours since 1990, this partnership responds to a strong desire to be able to train students in our professions locally. Excelia, through its IMSI certified diplomas, offers qualified and recognized training in property management and administration. CITYA IMMOBILIER connects with these training courses by creating a special course (workshops, seminars, evenings) offered to students/students studying on the job, at the headquarters in Tours or at agencies in the region. The Citya Immobilier/Excelia partnership is part of a common goal: to encourage a call to full-fledged professions that offer a variety of extraordinary missions, with strong social and environmental impact (energy home renovation law) and rich career opportunities.

“Serving our territories is one of the pillars of the Excelia strategy. These two new partnerships will enable us to do this in a coherent way. In Tours, thanks to its rich heritage and privileged geographic location, real estate dynamics are important. The Excelia Real Estate Program meets the needs of local businesses and our collaboration with two major players in the sector allows us to further enhance the professionalism of these courses.” explains Bruno Neil, CEO of Excelia.

Citya Immobilier is a company that has experienced exceptional growth since its inception over 30 years ago. To support this development, we are investing eight times our legal obligation in the professional training of our 4000 employees. Training and recruiting qualified profiles in our business is essential, we also try to build partnerships with quality schools such as Excelia. Thus, at the beginning of the 2022 academic year, we will accept 300 students studying in the workplace; and for the most part our employees of tomorrow“, adds Philippe Briand, President and Founder of Arche – Citya Immobilier.

“Almost 20 years ago, the National Real Estate Federation created the Higher School of Real Estate to train its members, and then all professionals, in the best conditions in the real estate profession. it’s 14th The School of Professions developed by the ESI makes us very proud! We are proud to contribute to the integration of applicants and the development of the skills of employees already working in the real estate industry. We are proud to have gathered the right local contacts to find a solution to the tensions that companies experience in our business. Thus, future “real estate agents”, “syndics”, “property managers” with regulated titles and professions will have all the skills to solve professional problems and guarantee the best quality of service for their clients. »says Jean-Marc TORROLLION, President of FNAIM.

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