You can train your hair to make it greasy faster, here’s how

Do you have oily hair 1-2 days after washing? Don’t worry, it’s absolutely not death!

Whether you’ve always had oily hair or it has, over time, it is ways to balance your scalp so that there is more cooperative and, above all, less capricious. As ? By training him. Yes, you read it right, but no need to take the dumbbells out …

Choose the right shampoo

By then, if you’ve been advised to avoid using a sulfate-containing shampoo altogether, you find that some formulas with a very limited and controlled dose of this ingredient are not necessarily harmful for the scalp. But be careful! Because sulfates have a specificity dissolve the fat present on the surface of the skin located on the skull to give us that feeling of purity. The problem is that beyond the dose estimated at 4% iron sulfate, They can have drying and balancing effect, as Prudvi Kaka, scientific director of the DECIEM group explained to us:

“We found that 4% SLES-2 (Ferrous Sulphate) was enough to provide adequate cleansing while remaining soft and suitable for all hair types. »

Nevertheless, it should still be emphasized that the dosage is so low very rare on the market. Overall, the most common concentration of SLS and their derivatives in cosmetic products ranges from 10 to 20%… And since brands don’t always define the level of a product in formulations, it’s hard to come up with an idea. When in doubt, prevention is better than cure and bet on sulfate-free time to balance your scalp. Because when it’s less dry, it produces less sebum …

Have you always had oily hair and you think sulfates cleanse your scalp? Think again, in fact they only worsen the process giving the impression of the opposite (these sulfates are malignant). In your case, it’s better to go for a formula that is sulfate-free cleansing or restoring balance which will be much more effective in solving your problem.


Scrub the scalp

Did you know that exfoliating your scalp helps restore its balance? It seems a little crazy, and yet! As we explained above, the scalp is the skin. It works just like the one on your face. It gives off sebum and has pores that can become clogged with impurities, sweat, skincare residues and impurities. Therefore, deleting it once a week is a very good idea that we don’t always think about.

To do this, you don’t have to go bankrupt by choosing fancy brands, you can just use coffee grounds, mix it with shampoo and make a great mechanical scalp scrub! On the other hand, don’t scrub as if your life depended on it. Just like the face the scalp is delicate and requires softness!

By performing this ritual once or twice a week, dead skin cells and other impurities will disappear and Your skin won’t need to secrete excess sebum to regulate itself.

Use dry shampoo to spread the laundry (but not too much)

The rate at which you wash your shampoo is partly determined by your washing habits. The less you spread them, the faster your hair will be greasy. It’s so simple. And if it’s true that it is not easy to break down the washers, especially when you feel your hair really needs it, using a dry shampoo will allow you to gain from one to two days more! But beware after this time the product will be too drying and irritating except that he will no longer do his job properly. So it’s time to wash them, at the risk of being counter-productive!

Avoid hair dryers that are too hot

A dryer that is too hot is like hot water, it dries the scalp, breaking down the hydrolipid barrier and this causes it to overproduce sebum. About the same time our skin is not adapted to such high temperatures. So if possible, prefer rinsing with lukewarm water (cool water is even better), and when you are at home, let your hair air dry (or cool the air dryer). In this way, the skin barrier will be preserved and the scalp will not have to produce excess sebum to restore it.

Know when to consult

If you didn’t always have oily hair and it happened overnight and you couldn’t help it, Consider seeing a dermatologist. Seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, hormonal disorders, allergies … Only he will be able to make a clear and reliable diagnosis of your problem. He can also perform a treatment tailored to the specific needs of the scalp.

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